"Heard about the Aliens on NPR. I am always looking for new music. They have a great sound!! I highly recommend the disk. I look forward to future chatter from the Aliens. Good experience with CD BABY too. ENJOY the vibe!" - Bill - CDBaby.com customer review




Indian Jazz fusions, there's not that many of them that work. The first really great one was John McLaughlin's group, Shakti. But there haven't been that many of them that also bring in the electronic element, and that's what sort of sets these guys apart and [what] I think makes them really worth checking out."

Bob Duskis from Six Degrees Records in a feature on  NPR's "The Savvy Traveler", March, 2004

Alien Chatter

Indo Jazz and Beyond

Alien Chatter has returned with their sophomore release entitled “Invasion”. The new CD finds the duo of percussionist Satnam Ramgotra and keyboardist Rodney Lee delving deeper into their unique spin on Indo-Jazz that they now call Indo-Jazztronica.
Furthermore, on this recording a few earthlings have joined Alien Chatter on their cosmic explorations. Perhaps one of the most recorded guitarists of our time, Michael Landau, is featured on a few tracks along with Shri Aloke DasGupta on sitar, and Jimmy Mahlis on oud. Bassists Shawn Davis, Rico Belled, and Stan Sargeant provide the low end.

“It is our ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, says Rodney Lee. We poured everything we had into this recording over the past few years, and we are extremely proud of the results. Listen for the unexpected…there are a lot of twists and turns in these compositions.”

"Their shit's trippy, funked-up and jazzilicious, laced with extra helpings of curry powder or double doses of chill-pill, depending on which way their galactically informed muses sway them."
Tom Cheney, The LA Weekly

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"Rodney and Satnam came together with major skills and musical touch to create Alien Chatter, real music. It is soulful, witty, exciting, mellow, very dynamic, and throughout it all, it has major groove. If you cant feel this music, you must be a zombie or something. Alien Chatter makes driving around Los Angeles feel good!!!" - Lance Moody - CDBaby.com customer review

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