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I have worked with the Grammy award winning internationally acclaimed recording artist Jody Watley off and on for the past 13 years!! And it has been my extreme pleasure to co-write and co-produce her last three releases, "The Makeover", "Midnight Lounge", and "The "Saturday Night Experience". As her musical director we have covered the globe from the UK to Japan.

Jody's latest release, "The Makeover", is available through Jody Watley - The Makeover and It features eclectic, soulful, electronic covers of some of her favorite songs by other artists. Visit for the latest.

Here are a few quotes from the many reviews for "The Makeover".

"The Makeover" - 2006

What happens when Jody Watley gets her hands on Madonna's signature hit "Borderline"? She makes it her own....." Michael Paoletta - Billboard Magazine May 2006

"...clearly exemplifies the importance of reinvention, endless creativity and, most importantly, why Jody Watley is such an unbeatable force.."
Giant Step 2006

"..Watley, always an underrated vocal talent finds space in the material for layers of fresh meaning!" TIME OUT NEW YORK August 10, 2006 - Mikael Wood


Here are a few quotes from the many reviews for “Midnight Lounge” stores now!

“Midnight Lounge” - 2003

“..she’s refined her sound over the years, resulting in the smooth house
vibe of Midnight Lounge..a delightful soulful surprise...”
URB Magazine 2003

“..Watley gets her groove back..pick of the week..” -People Magazine

“..Jody Watley is an artist who has successfully updated her material over the years and charted her direction as an artist..Midnight Lounge is foreground music for the wee small hours of the morning..” Associated Press

“..Jody has never sounded so soulful..a brave record..” MUZIK 2003

“..Watley delivers a fresh power packed album..”
CREAM Australia

“..everybody wants a piece of Jody, and with good reason, she’s still a thrill..
glamorous, sexy, cool..”
LA Weekly

“There’s no better advertisement for longevity in the business than the alluring shape and sound of Jody Watley who still possess breathtaking fashion model looks...without a doubt, Watley’s most cohesive and satisfying album yet...” Blues and Soul, U.K.

Jody Watley's Bio

Jody Watley - Born January 30 in Chicago, Illinois. Grammy Winning Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Model, CEO of Avitone Recordings. 6 Top ten Pop Hits, 15 Top 40 R&B Hits, 12 Dance Hits. 8 ..1 Singles. (be it Pop, R&B or Dance - 80s, 90s 00s).
MOST RECENT CHART NEWS: "I Want Your Love Remixes" - #1 Billboard Dance Charts - June 2007



Popularized the phrase Hasta La Vista Baby , later picked up by Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the first black artists of the 80's and 90's to successfully merge music and fashion. Recognized as a trendsetter, her sense of style was noteworthy, leading to layouts for Harpers Bazaar, VOGUE, and Rolling Stone. Named one of People Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People. Original member of singing group Shalamar (1977-1984). Participated in historic charity single - Band Aid Do They Know Its Christmas.

Jody Watley's professional singing career began in 1977 - while still in high school - she became an original member of the group Shalamar - she departed - in 1984. This is where she learned the ropes of performing live - and what to do if the power goes out and you have to sing accapella! This is also where she learned - you'd better get your own lawyer before you sign any contracts!!! Her resilience and self-belief also became strong during this time.

In between leaving Shalamar, moving to London, finding her creative footing, trying out odd hairstyles as well as making a plan for her career - Jody also participated in one of musics' historic moments, Band Aid -Do They Know Its Christmas organized by Sir Bob Geldof to aid in famine relief for Ethiopia. She was right there alongside, Bono, Sting, George Michael and Duran Duran, among others!

Her highest professional accolade was winning a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1988.

Jody Watley has had 6 Top Ten Hits (Looking For a New Love, Don't You Want Me, Some Kind of Lover, Real Love, Friends featuring Eric B. & Rakim, Everything) - 15 Top 40 R&B Hits (include the Top Ten list and add: Still a Thrill, Most of All, I Want You, I'm The One You Need, When a Man Loves a Woman, Your Love Keeps Working on Me, Affection, Off the Hook,) 11 Dance Hits: add to the Top Ten listed above: Still a Thrill, I'm The One You Need, Off The Hook, If I'm Not in Love, and Looking For a New Love Remixes 2005. A common misperception is that she stopped making music after her first CD in 87! Real Love, Friends and Everything were from Jody's second CD (89-90), in case you were confused! This is 2007, the year of 'THE MAKEOVER' her 9th solo record, not including 2 Greatest Hits and 1 Extended Mix Compilation..

When Jody Watley signed to MCA in 1985 - she said she didn't want to be marketed like other black artists. Jody wanted to work with fashion photographers, do pictures that were classic and without the standard blue backdrop - common for R&B acts at the time other than Prince. She wanted to do her own styling, influenced by her love of glamour icons, classic screen sirens and urban styles she discovered while living in Europe. Jody Watley wanted to create videos that reflected her sense of style and attitude. She wanted to write songs, have a point of view - and to reflect a bit of herself. Say what you want, but Jody created her own path. She was ahead of her time.

Over the years, Jody Watley has worked with Henry Mancini and Marilyn and Edgar Bergman. One of her songs, Sweet Sixteen, was recorded by Destiny's Child, and She has also appeared on Broadway in the hit musical GREASE!

In recent years Jody has worked with some of the best of the club and underground music scene - Kind Britt, Ron Trent, Masters at Work (Louie Vega and Kenny Dope) ,DJ Spinna, Chris Brann, 4Hero, Mark de Clive Lowe.

For more information, please visit Jody Watley at


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