iFunk there4 iAm

“iFunk there4 iAM” is a series of recordings created entirely on an iPad pro while on tour with other bands. It was composed in airpots, hotel rooms, back stage, dressing rooms, vans, coffee shops and airplanes at 30,000 feet.
I think of the iPad as simply another medium for composition similar to the way a painter might choose to work with oil paint one day and then with water colors on another day.  It’s the restrictions that often lead to interesting results.  In addition, there are so many experimental apps being developed for iOS that compel the composer to think in different ways about the movement of sound through time.
I will be adding tracks one by one via Bandcamp as I finish them so the album will take shape over time, and most of the tracks will be accompanied by a youtube video.

I find it interesting and amusing that in the last few years people have become preoccupied with UFO sightings.  However, in this age of ubiquitous cameras and wild conspiracies we are still not able to verifiably identify those mysterious lights in the sky.  Once again we find ourselves looking to the sky and wondering “what was that?” LOL.  

So as a subplot, this series will explore what an alien visitor might have witnessed with his own camera over that past few decades.  The fact that the images happen to precisely overlap my time on this planet is purely coincidental 😉


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